PR and Communications

Chris has worked with numerous PR and communications departments, both internal teams and agencies, to produce images for a range of sectors.


Chrisimages have been used across local, regional and national media to attract positive publicity for a number of businesses and organisations.


I pride myself on my attention to detail, as consistency can make or break an image. Something as simple as making sure team members are wearing the correct uniform can be as important as the overall composition of an image itself.”


Changes in the world of journalism, combined with the lines between traditional PR, internal communications and marketing blending together has increased the need for content that makes a company stand out against its competitors. Chris aims to help clients achieve this by producing images that draw attention and can be used across a number of channels, helping organisations get the most out of their content.


I am a firm believer that the key starting point to any piece of corporate communications is the image used to illustrate the piece.”


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